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Inpatient Treatment for Addiction

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What is Inpatient Drug Treatment?

While the methods being used may differ from program to program, the general purpose of inpatient treatment is still the same. This is to provide a safe and distraction-free environment for substance abusers to be able to focus on building a solid foundation for their recovery. It may begin with detoxification, individual and group counseling, other forms of therapy, and education including relapse prevention practices. The length of time is typically about 30 days, but more programs are offering long-term rehab options lasting 90 days or more. Many more people today are also seeking non-12 step rehabs, as they don't like the thought of having a continually relapsing disease for life. After completing treatment there is usually some type of follow-up or after-care program to continue with in the form of a discharge plan, which may include things ranging from going to support group meetings, finding new groups to be a part of, repairing relationships, returning to work, and possibly even outpatient counseling. The type of after care will differ for centers and individuals, but having a good plan of action for staying sober is more than just a good idea, it's vital.

Treatment Centers

The latest National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services indicated there were roughly 4,300 inpatient facilities in the country. This included residential rehabilitation programs, hospital inpatient treatment and detoxification centers. These combined to make up about 32 percent of the total services available to substance abusers, but the overall number of people enrolled in inpatient centers equaled just under 10 percent.

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