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Drug Addiction Interventions

Family drug interventionInterventions are not forcing someone to go to treatment against their will - it they're done right. Interventions are about getting people to AGREE to go to a rehabilitation center. Find out more about drug and alcohol interventions and how they work. Afterall, sitting back and waiting is usually not the best option.

In actuality, there are many different types or forms of interventions. What people usually think of when they hear the word is either a family intervention or one that includes a professional interventionist. Depending on the level of resistence and/or severity of the situation, there can also be various degrees of intervention used. We recommend using the method that will get the best results for your situation, and not automatically skipping to the most severe form of intervention without it being fully warranted or other methods tried first. For example, if someone has a son or daughter unwilling to go to treatment, we would recommend getting him or her to speak with someone who can relate to their situation first rather than trying to get them arrested and involving law enforcement. The legal system can sometimes be a blessing in extreme cases, but it is usually best to avoid it if at all possible.

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Hiring a Professional Interventionist

Professional intervention specialists can be a good idea to use after initial attempts at forms of family drug interventions have been unsuccessful. We recommend using and intervention service that is familiar with the treatment center that you have chosen, as it helps for them to be able to answer questions about the program and facility. This aides in the alleviation of some of the fears that addicts can have about going to treatment - the unknown.

Intervention Success

"We never thought that Steven would agree to go to treatment. Our situation was hopeless, but the interventionist came out, spoke to him, and within the hour had his agreement to get help. We couldn't believe it! We thought it would take many hours of fighting and upsets, but the level of communication, care and professionalism from the intervention specialist was exactly what was needed to get through to our son. He left immediately and was checked into the treatment center that afternoon. We can't thank you enough!" - grateful mother

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