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Alcohol Abuse & Addiction

If you or someone you love is abusing or addicted to alcohol, we can help you locate rehabs and treatments that work. Contact our alcohol abuse helpline today to speak with a counselor, or fill out the form on this page and someone will provide alcohol addiction treatment assistance.

Alcohol is obviously a legal and socially-acceptable drug. It is available in almost every town in America, and is the most abused substance in the country. At the same time, millions of people consume alcohol regularly without any real problems and don't become addicted. So what is the difference? Is it genetics, social conditions, or is it something more? Truthfully, there are many components to alcoholism, and understanding the individual's situation will get you much further in the quest to control it.

Treating an Alcoholic

Despite claims to the contrary, there are no set protocols to treat alcoholism that work for everyone. Some people respond well to the abstinence-only approach, while others learn to control it by identifying what the root causes are that drive them to drink in excess and lose control. Once those factors are successfully addressed, then social drinking no longer becomes a problem. The often-used saying "once an addict, always an addict" simply isn't true for everyone. In fact, the NESARC study (National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions) showed that roughly 75% of people who were formerly diagnosed with alcohol abuse or alcoholism no longer displayed the symptoms years later.

An effective course of treatment for alcohol abuse may include some type of intervention if the person isn't seeking treatment on his/her own yet, potentially a detox facility (depending on the amount, fequency and duration of consumption) to safely withdraw, an inpatient treatment center, followed by some type of outpatient counseling, aftercare or support group. None of this is written in stone, mind you, but this is a typical pattern. There are many variations, including the types or methods of detox and treatment, as well as what can be considered aftercare or support systems.

Identifying Alcohol Abuse

There can be many signs that someone has a problem with alcohol. Most of them are pretty easy to spot, while others may not be. Common symptoms of alcohol abuse or dependence can include daily drinking, getting drunk frequently, irrational behavior when drinking such as violent or risky behavior, financial problems due to alcohol-related spending, decreased production at work or school because of drinking, hiding the amount consumed, onset of withdrawal symptoms such as trembling hands or seizures, and so much more.

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